Happy New Years Everyone!

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday season and you’re READY to take on 2017!

What I really want to work on this year is being more of a conscious consumer when it comes to buying groceries. We have been fortunate enough to not have to worry a whole lot about the cost of groceries (we hardly ever eat out, so we justify it that way) but it really worries me how much it was costing for us to simply prepare healthy meals at home.

SO – those of you in my Nutrition Mastermind group (click here to join the FREE private community on Facebook) know that I challenged myself to TOTAL TRANSPARENCY this month! You’re going to see EVERYTHING I purchase and exactly how much it all costs! 

Because reading lists can be boring, I’ve decided to set it up using videos – the “grocery haul” style that is oh-so-popular on YouTube! Check out one of the recipes I reference here.

OOPS – I missed a couple of things in the video!


I LOVE this tea! You can’t tell at all that it is green tea and tastes so minty and fresh 🙂


I also picked up this 4 litre whole milk for my husband. He adds this to his smoothie instead of unsweetened almond milk to increase calories!


This is the BBQ sauce that we buy – it’s called Uncle Dougie’s! In a perfect world I would make my own BBQ sauce from scratch… however this is definitely the best sauce available at our grocery store! Have you tried it? Which flavour is your favourite?

Thanks so much for following me on this journey! My goal is for this month to cut down our weekly spending on groceries by $100… Sadly we used to spend around $250-$275 per week and I am making the ambitious goal to aim for $175. This may be a lot to many of you, and the amount that you spend may be very different. My overall goal is to reduce frivolous purchases and really make a better effort to plan out my week so that I don’t end up with an abundance of leftover food! 

I would love to hear your New Years resolutions in the comment section below! 

Yours in Health,


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  • Robin says:

    Love the video Kristin!
    I SO need this, I’m bad for overspending at the grocery store.
    My NYs resolution is not food related, but I do want to get back into meditation and make it a daily practice again. 🙂

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