Holy smackers you guys – it has been WAY too long since I’ve been in here sharing information with you all (check me out on Facebook though, I am sharing information over there almost daily!) I like to think I have a bit of a valid excuse, I have sweet little 12 week old twins at home with me now after a bit of a wild pregnancy journey (I will be sure to share more with you on that later!)

It’s hard to believe but we are now in FULL swing for the holidays (Halloween is next week – How did that happen?!?!) 

After Halloween it seems like holiday engagements are nearly every weekend and there isn’t a time when we aren’t thinking about snacking, whether it’s to entertain guests at an open house or walking by multiple refreshment tables at the company Christmas party. Not to mention, the bags of leftover candy that sit around our homes from children or from the extra two boxes of mini chocolate bars that we bought because surely we were going to have 500 children trick-or-treating at our houses this year (perhaps an excuse to purchase more of the candy that we like – I see this one every year).

Now, if you fall into that category and you have loads of leftover treats from Halloween… I tell my clients each year something that is a little harsh but I want you to start looking at this in a different light – you are NOT wasting FOOD by throwing this stuff out. Yes, there are starving children everywhere but I can assure you that feeding them old Oh Henry bars would be doing them a disservice! These foods are garbage if they go into your body in large quantities and they are garbage if they go into the garbage can. All I am trying to say is don’t use the excuse of waste as a reason to “just finish them up”.

That being said, the holidays are a time when we arguably are going to have more indulgent foods in the house, and that’s okay as long as we aren’t constantly snacking on them! 

So how the heck am I supposed to have these foods in the house and not constantly be reaching for them between meals?

Today we are going to talk about some of my TOP recommendations for avoiding unnecessary snacking:


1) Make sure you’re well hydrated – when we are thirsty, it is easy to mistaken thirst for hunger! I find that when I am thirsty, I crave foods that have a higher water content (think ice cream over chips). Get into the habit of having a large glass of water before you have ANY snacks, wait 10-15 minutes and then decide if it is true hunger! Try to be consistent with making sure you’re well hydrated every day from now until the new year! One great way to tell if you’re getting enough water, watch the colour of your urine – you want it to be a pale yellow colour! If it is bright or dark yellow (aside from if you’re taking a multivitamin – this will automatically turn your urine bright yellow) then that is a sign that you’re not sufficiently hydrated! 


2) Fill up on VEGGIES – Once I know I am not in fact thirsty, I then make sure that I’ve eaten enough vegetables for the day. My next step is to reach for raw vegetables dipped in 2 tbsp. hummus or guacamole. I will usually have 2 cups of raw vegetables and this will not only give me tons of good nutrition but also fill me up with fibre and volume! When I feel the urge to mindlessly snack, I often ask myself “would I eat vegetables right now” – if the answer is “no”, then am I really hungry? Pro Tip: Keep these vegetables washed and cut in your refrigerator so that they are an EASY choice. If you have to prep them before having them for a snack, it’s going to be WAY easier to reach for the bag of chips!


3) Add some spice – If you’re feeling up for it, I recommend reaching for a spicy hummus or guacamole with your vegetables. Not only will this get you drinking more water, but I find that spicy foods have a very satiating effect! You can purchase or make spicy roasted chickpeas as well, which will also give you that satisfied feeling!


4) Focus on portion – Final step – if that decadent snack is still calling your name – focus on portion size, sit down and chew your food 15 times before you swallow! Always dish it out rather than eating from the container and put the container away before you start enjoying your snack (don’t leave it on the counter). Finally – enjoy every bite! You will never enjoy a snack that you eat standing in front of the freezer or in the dark pantry!

I hope that you find these tips helpful! The next couple of months we are going to focus a lot on staying healthy over the holidays so that we can all start 2018 feeling AWESOME!

I’d love to know your top snacking tips – share them in the comments section below! 

Until next time,

Yours in Health,


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