I love this day as a day to reflect on 2018 and really dial in on what the major goals are for 2019. So here we go – let’s dive right in!

2018 was a huge year for me, I became more comfortable and confident in my role as a mother (and I’ve truly gained SO much respect for all of you mamas out there). As a result of this transition, I have been able to connect so deeply with my clients who are mamas and have realized that my true calling is working with women, particularly mamas and mamas-to-be.

The theme for this past year was definitely “building routine”.  After the twins were born (and the four months on bedrest before they arrived) led to my life being turned totally upside down. I felt so disconnected from my previous life and being a type A routine-oriented person, this was tough. I realized that as a busy mom and business owner, I needed to streamline my focus and really make my health routines a priority. These routines I’ve really nailed down include: a naptime workout, strategic meal planning (which I will be sharing more with you all) morning tongue scraping, dry brushing and being very diligent about taking my supplements (and making sure everyone else takes theirs 😉 ). These may sound like little things, but they’ve made a huge difference in my mental and physical health and I am so happy that they are really solid now in my life. *If you feel like you really need to focus more on routines to support health in your home, let me know, mama.

One last thing I really began focusing on this year and will continue to focus on in 2019 is buying organic produce (following the dirty dozen/clean fifteen) whenever possible. This was always something that was sort of low on my list because A) I wasn’t very well educated on the topic and B) I thought organic would break the bank. I have become super strategic about grocery shopping and it is much more affordable than I thought!

What can you expect from me in 2019?

1) A deeper share into my life – I want to share my routines with you and discuss ways that you can continue up-leveling the health in your home.

2) A tighter grocery budget that I share with you all! This is an area where my husband and I just sort of let everything go. Healthy food was always a non-negotiable (and still is) but we were definitely dropping way too much $$$ and it was really unnecessary. This year we are sticking to a grocery budget and I plan to share it all with you guys!

3) Weekly blog posts (WOO!) – you guys, I haven’t written a blog post since the beginning of 2018… it has been crazy busy over here and I apologize!

4) A deeper dive into fertility/pregnancy nutrition and offering services on building a preconception nutrition and health program for healthy eggs and sperm. This is literally SUCH a passion project – there is SO much to know about building a healthy baby before conception and I plan to share it all with you!

5) A great collaboration with my client and dear friend Steph Todd – finally!!

Now tell me, what did you do in 2018 that you’re super proud of and what are your plans for 2019? Let me know in the comments!

Happy New Year Nutrient Seekers!

Yours in Health,


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