The Free Guide On How To Upgrade The Health In Your Home

I am SO happy that I am able to make this guide available to you! This information is all gathered from the Environmental Working Group database but I selected specific products based on two things: their rating (they must be the healthiest products available) and how easy it is to find them in stores/online (I want making these swaps to be as easy as possible)!

I focus on product swaps in all of my preconception, pregnant and postpartum clients and the difference that these seemingly small swaps can make is truly incredible. There are a lot of products that are “green washing” – they seem “all natural” but when you look a bit closer, there are ingredients that we may be better off avoiding. I am very specific in this guide – not all products from a specific line are the best choices, so please don’t assume that because one brand is outlined for a product in a specific category, doesn’t mean all of it’s products are the healthiest.

I hope this guide helps make your journey a bit easier 🙂 ***Note – if you don’t see the download in your inbox within 5 minutes, please check your spam folder 🙂

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