Welcome to my virtual home – I am so happy you’re here 

Photo of KristinMy name is Kristin and I help women craft a healthy life they love using delicious food and sustainable lifestyle practices. I show women that eating healthy and loving the food they eat CAN be done and that creating a lifestyle that is both healthy AND indulgent is the key to long term success.

I have a Bachelor of Science in Human Nutrition from St. F.X. University and I am a Registered Dietitian located in New Brunswick offering virtual nutrition services all across Canada. I have been in the nutrition world for the past decade and love every minute of this ever-changing science. 

Although I have been trained in mainstream dietetics, I am passionate about integrative and functional medicine. I believe that food is the greatest form of medicine and that food choices based on ancestral patterns is one of the best ways to keep our bodies and minds healthy. 

When I am not busy connecting with clients and writing blog posts on the latest nutrition topics, I love being active and spending time with my husband, twin toddlers and dachshund, Nellie.

I am fortunate to say that my day job and my passion are the same thing. I spend my day acting as a health and nutrition coach and in the past few years I have worked to help over a thousand women reach their health goals.

I hope to share with you all some interesting information on various nutrition topics, food product reviews, recipes and answer any questions you may have! Please take some time to explore this site and don’t hesitate to leave a comment, get in touch with me, and share this information with your friends and family.

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